GetMyChargingPole Project

In cooperation with other partners, as AALTO University, Forum Virium Helsinki, Control Things, Parking Energy, AvroraSoft, Gruppo SIGLA is working at the bIoTope Project, that has the intent to create an open and innovative ecosystem, by creating a new platform that permits the companies to easily create new IoT Systems, using the available functionalities given by so-called Systems of systems (SoS) in order to connect the Smart Objects.

Of this ecosystem, the GetMyChargingPole project takes part, where Gruppo SIGLA is working in cooperation with the partners of the bIoTope Project involved in the pilot of Helsinki, Finland. The project aims to the development for the city of Helsinki of an innovative mobile application on the Android platform for research/localization of EV (as "Electric Vehicle") recharging infrastructures and interactions with the same. The application will furthermore show the available data regarding parking and rechargeable infrastructures externally to the project and to Helsinki area.

GetMyChargingPole App has the utility to extend the number of use cases of BIoTope project for what the services of Electric Vehicles users are concerned, favoring and facilitating the interactions with the regional rechargeable infrastructures in particular in the Helsinki area. The App presents multiple innovative elements, in particular linked to the interaction with the ecosystem (furthermore use of the protocol O-MI/O-DF, safety system MIST-WISH) and one from the driver to the phone (experimentation of a vocal assistant use). The project will be concluded within the end of May 2019.


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