GIS for Multiservices Company

Gruppo SIGLA has been collaborating since the early 2000s with a prestigious multiservice and urban hygiene company for which it has created a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the collection, storage and management of georeferenced data. The initial system was based on an Oracle database with "Spatial" extension and a desktop application (developed in VB6) that allows the design of various services in the area and the management of proprietary cartography using the MapInfo Professional tool.

The Customers has subsequently decided to renew the platform and to turn towards an Open Source environment with Web access. Consequently the GIS has been completely redesigned: the georeferenced database has been migrated so that it can be viewed on basic maps of Open Street Maps or Google Street. The functionalities have been revised and rethought to adapt to the new types of services and to the new working requirements of the Customer. A Web portal has also been set up with profiled access to the users of the Territorial Units in order to allow the distribution of functionality from the center to the territory. The Front-end was created with the AngularJS framework, one of the most widespread for the development of interactive and responsive web applications. Leaflet library was used for interaction with maps. The front-end communicates with the back-end through REST APIs realized with Web API 2 in C # language, with a security mechanism through JWT tokens. The Back-end receives requests from the Front-end and queries a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension for the management of geographic data types.

The renewed Gruppo SIGLA solution can address all those companies that manage the positioning and maintenance of real objects on the territory (georeferenced). The structure of the database, although complex, is flexible enough to be used in other areas with different types of activities. The web portal, with its new architecture, despite its large size and the large number of data processed, is understandable and easy to use. It is an easily expandable system both in terms of new features and new objects, and in geographical terms. The architecture of the software system is modular and structured at different levels, in order to make it extremely flexible and allow for easier maintenance.


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