Fílos Project

Gruppo SIGLA is working on the Fílos Project, whose main objective is to provide an IT solution to support residual memory abilities in the elderly, in order to favor an active and autonomous lifestyle even in old age. In particular, Fílos aims the Working Memory (WM) and the Prospective Memory (PM) through the adoption of assistive computer systems based on IOT, Machine Learning and mobile technologies. Fílos, consistinf of a Mobile App for elders, serious games and a WebApp for the caregivers, aims to extend the Use cases regarding the Silver Economy services of the project Activage, in particular in the city of Valencia and within WoQuaz (Weiterstadt).

The European project Activage is included in the broader Community program Horizon 2020, which has "age-friendly housing" among its most important research lines. The project is developed on a big scale: 49 partners, 7 European Country participants, 9 development sites, 7.200 involved users, over 40.000 instruments and new technologies related to the big concept Internet of Things (IoT).


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