Skills, technologies, digital innovations in logistics and transport

Digitization, the introduction of 4.0 technologies such as IoT, AI, blockchain and big data, the development and use of cybersecurity are transforming logistics, enabling innovative process improvements thanks to an increasingly intelligent, timely and protected use of information. It will be discussed on Wednesday 11 November at 16:00 during the webinar "Skills, technologies, digital innovations in logistics and transport" organized by the Innovation Area of Confidustria Cuneo in collaboration with the Competence Center Start 4.0 in Genoa.

Gruppo SIGLA will participate in the event by presenting the CASTORE Project, which - as leader - sees us in collaboration with major partners such as ABB, AMT and CNR. The goal is to create a solution based on the adoption of tools and techniques of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Internet of Things, in order to optimize the management of passenger flows between the Port and Local Public Transport (TPL), in terms of operation and safety.


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