Gruppo SIGLA sponsor of DataScienceSeed

The development of a solid know-how and the acquisition of projects in the field of data science and of the eXplainable AI, increasingly characterize the identity of Gruppo SIGLA, which is from today a sponsor of DataScienceSeed, a non-profit association fostering and spreading knowledge about this matter by means of online events and much more.

The main aim of DataScienceSeed is to promote and disseminate studies, initiatives, researches, knowledge and updates about the fields of data science, machine learning, AI and other matters alike, the organization of tutorials, events, training, qualification and refresher courses, meetings, conferences and deep dives on these same themes, content realization and spreading, both in paper and electronic format, the consumer's awareness about legal, economic and technological subjects, the promotion and management of the informative activities and the communication of the pertinent activities.

These targets do align with Gruppo SIGLA's commitment in the field of research and of the AI industry. The ever growing competence and capability of the company in these fields are made available to the customers and enhance the cooperation with national and international research institutes actively working on these subjects. Thanks to this cooperation, Gruppo SIGLA features various projects where AI has been applied in multiple fields, thus providing innovative and advanced services, from the health sector (eHealth) to the Industry and Energy sectors.


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