Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection

Gruppo SIGLA, increasing the collaboration with the University of Genova, agreed to fund a grant for making possibile to unemployed people to participate to the IV edition of the Master on “Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection” (topics “Cyber Defence of IT/OT System” and “GRC for Critical Infrastructure Protection and the Enterprise”). This action is in line with the tradition of Gruppo SIGLA to work on building links between educational (high schools, universities, educational organizations) and working environment and to strenghten its own presence on topics such as Cybersecurity and Industry

More specifically, the funding of this grant - dedicated to unemployed people with skills or experience in the management of networks and as SysAdmin and/or in the design and development of software and/or in Industrial Automation - wants to support the transition towards the creation of a working force with high-skilled know-how for the Industry4.0 and Smart City domains. In line with that, the master aims at creating experts on IT systems design and management and on Cybersecurity. Previous editions of the Master resulted in 100% employment rate for graduated students.

You can find further information on the master official website.


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