Protection of Critical Infrastructures with WALLIX

Unfortunately, the latest attack on the Colonial Pipeline's oil pipeline network proved it once again: it's not if, it's when. Critical infrastructure organizations have become the new target of choice for hackers and are under constant threat of cyber attacks. As modern information systems, legacy mixed technology and modern operational technology meet, advanced cybersecurity is required to protect systems, equipment and data from human error or malicious activity and reduce the attack surface.

Gruppo SIGLA thanks to its many years of expertise in industry and automation, has selected a set of innovative technologies capable of responding to the growing safety needs of this sector.

During this webinar we will present the WALLIX suite, which consists of products that can protect both data and equipment, with a special focus on remote access to OT equipment such as PLCs, engineering stations and others.

The meeting will be an opportunity to follow a live demo and will allow you to ask questions directly to the supplier of the solutions presented.


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