CRIBIS Prime Company Certification

Gruppo SIGLA - a company of Relatech Group - has received the CRIBIS Prime Company Certification for maximum financial and commercial reliability, an important recognition if you consider that it is assigned only to about 4% of the 7 million Italian companies. The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is, therefore, the highest level of evaluation of financial and organizational reliability, and is issued only and exclusively to those companies that constantly maintain this reliability and are also virtuous in payments to suppliers.

Cribis D&B, a company of the CRIF Group, is an organization that operates worldwide in the field of Business Information and collects reports on over 200 million companies in over 230 countries. The Cribis Prime Company certificate is based on the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator of the reliability of the company taken into consideration.

This important recognition is the confirmation of the level of economic and commercial solidity of our company, a result obtained thanks to an important financial strategy and a strong attention to the care and relationship with stakeholders. It is also an important guarantee for all Customers who have chosen us as their Partner.


Administrative Data

  • C.C.I.A.A.  /   11668330159

  • R.E.A.  /  360227

  • Tax Code  /  11668330159

  • VAT  /  01180940999

  • Share Capital  /  € 81.600,00