Important news within the CitySCAPE project

Gruppo SIGLA carries on the activities of the Genoa pilot: holding a seminar at the University and promoting its engagement with the public at Palazzo Ducale.

As part of the European CitySCAPE project, Gruppo SIGLA - a company of Relatech Group - started the experimental and promotional activities of the Genoa pilot in November 2022 together with the partners AMT, STAM and Kaspersky Italia. Until the end of February 2023, the program of activities organized with partners involves passengers and stakeholders interested in the multimodal transport sector.

As part of these activities, last December 13 Gruppo SIGLA held a seminar for students of the Web Development course of Prof Ribaudo of the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Genoa, in synergy with AMT and STAM. Our colleagues presented to the students the architecture of the CitySCAPE solution, as an example of designing a complex digital solution, and how to implement a mobile application using the Flutter framework with code insight, useful for providing students with an example of mobile app implementation that integrates web and native technologies (including the Kasperksky Mobile Security Toolkit used in the project).

On December 14th at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, AMT, Gruppo SIGLA, Kaspersky and STAM organized a public event and presented the CitySCAPE project to the general public and the actions of the Genoa pilot carried out by the group of partners present at the event for CitySCAPE. In particular, Gruppo SIGLA presented part of the activities of the Genoa pilot. It also showcased, on the one hand, the cyber-security awareness (i.e., training) activities that will be used in the first quarter of 2023 with passengers and that were carried out with AMT staff between September and October 2022, and on the other hand, the cyber-security awareness game dedicated to informing passengers about the potential cyber-security risks they are normally exposed to and how to avoid them.

In the rest of December and in the first months of next year, the pilot activities will continue, both for the laboratory validation of the tools implemented and integrated by Gruppo SIGLA and the other CitySCAPE partners, and for the involvement of public transport passengers in order to inform them and protect them from cyber-risks.



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