Gruppo SIGLA acquired CASTORE Project funded by the first call of START4.0, the National Competence Center for the security and optimization of strategic infrastructures.

The project, developed in collaboration by Gruppo SIGLA with major partners namely ABB, AMT and CNR, aims at creating a solution based on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Internet of Things tools and techniques to optimize the management of passenger flows between Port and Local Public Transport (LPT), in terms of operation and safety. The solution will be dedicated to LPT operators mainly but will also take into account the operational needs of the port terminal operative managers, and the ones of the users/citizens. CASTORE wants to take advantage of monitoring, analysis, data processing, and advanced visualization processes useful, later, for the de-velopment of optimization strategies of passengers flows and implementation of feedback mechanisms related to information for travellers and citizens. The solution, designed according to a micro-service architecture and featuring accentuated modularity, is made up of several elements, aimed at the following objectives:

  • collecting data from the various sources;
  • data analysis and their processing by means of Machine Learning;
  • providing LPT managers with advanced visualization and analysis of infrastructure status;
  • adding personalized notification features within mobile apps to enable citizens to receive notifications sent from the system.

The implementation of some simulation functions will also be started on a simplified scenario of public transport line and the requirements will be analyzed in view of the future evolutions of CASTORE.

In classical mythology Castor is one of the two Dioscures twins. Together with his twin Pollux, they were considered protectors of those in dangerous situations. Similarly, the project aims to be the first phase of a process that leads in future to the creation of a Digital Twin dedicated to Port-City integration and to involved infrastructures’ management and security aspects. Therefore, it creates all the fundamental elements for the implementation of simulation and modeling processes necessary for building of a Digital Twin.


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