Gruppo SIGLA participates in the Edge Eai-Iot 2021 Conference

Gruppo SIGLA (Relatech Group Company) will participate in the Edge EAI-IoT 2021 conference which will take place from 24 to 26 November 2021 in Portugal. Edge-Iot 2021 is recognized as one of the most important international conferences in the Intelligent Edge Processing field in the era of the Internet of Things .

During the conference Gruppo SIGLA, together with CNR and FLAIRBIT, will present the results of its collaboration for the creation of IoT solutions for Smart Building and Smart City. In particular, Gruppo SIGLA together with the partners involved, will illustrate the research results obtained in the various development phases of the PickUP Project carried out in the two-year period 2019-2020.

The PickUP project is aimed at creating innovative methods and tools for energy and environmental management and the reduction of consumption in heterogeneous urban districts. Networks of IoT sensors and Fog Computing will be integrated with new predictive control models and energy data analysis and architectures for the aggregation and integration of distributed electricity generation sources (Microgrids), and flexible demand (Demand Response). The tool is aimed at subjects interested in the management of interconnected buildings and can be used by companies, municipalities, user aggregators, etc. in order to increase energy efficiency, being able to provide ancillary services to the electricity distributor in terms of flexibility of energy demand.

The project was born starting from the assumption that the well-being of the citizens of an intelligent city is an indispensable prerogative for the sustainability of the Smart City itself and, in particular, that certain environmental characteristics such as air quality, humidity, brightness and noise have a specific importance in guaranteeing an appreciable state of well-being.

During the conference, the speakers will present an application case of the PickUP project, illustrating the advantages of installing an IoT network (based on LoRaWan elements, such as sensors and gateways) in some buildings in the city of Savona. The architecture of this network includes the so-called fog nodes to make local data processing possible and provide quick feedback to the actuators, if necessary (for example to dynamically change the temperature of an environment). The infrastructure also provides information regarding the air quality in the areas surrounding the buildings to the city authorities, in order to develop actions and strategies for improving comfort. The results of the experimentation demonstrated the usefulness of the solution created to obtain an effective improvement in perceived well-being and the creation of energy saving strategies.


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