Truth Seekers Chain works in progress

The project Truth Seekers Chain (TSC) began its works at the end of June 2021 after having been succesfully selected as one of the winners of the 1st Open Call of the TruBlo European project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 framework. The project works for implementing open tools to struggle fake news challenges on social network, to protect citizens and society.

During this first month of activity, the kick-off has been done, including an introduction of our team to the Consortium and to the other winning projects. Moreover, a revision of the working plan and a better definition of objectives, tasks and deliverables have been performed. This was part of the first official milestone of the project, that is deliverable D1.1 “Full Research and Innovation Project Proposal” published at the beginning of August 2021. Later on, the workgroup deepened topics and elaborated requirements and architecture of the system, necessary to implement TSC methodology. All these items are described within deliverable D1.2 “Project Solution Design and Business Applicability” published at the beginning of November 2021.

TSC cares also a lot on strategical aspects and business development to make possible to evolve TSC after the 9 months of this project and to make it in a sustainable and efficient fashion. In particular, in parallel to the works for preparing the second deliverable of the project Gruppo SIGLA prepared a market analysis dedicated on blockchain-based (and not) solutions for tackling fake news spreading and for the certification of the quality of contents published over the internet. From November 2021, the works progress towards the deliverable D1.3 “Technical Report on TSC methodology and PoC” with the implementation of first elements of TSC ecosystem prototype to be released within the end of the year.


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