Gruppo SIGLA presents CitySCAPE at DroidCon Lisbon

The presence of Gruppo SIGLA - a company of the Relatech Group - at the annual DroidCon Lisbon event, which was held at the end of April at the Lisbon Technology Park, was very interesting and gave many positive returns. DroidCon Lisbon is dedicated to developers and companies working with Android, Google's mobile operating system. Gruppo SIGLA sponsored the event and participated in conference’s works by presenting the European CitySCAPE project and the activities carried out with Android and in the "mobile" environment.

In particular, the cybersecurity aspects in the "mobile" area were promoted, which represent one of the main contributions of the company to the project. In this sense, we focused on the presentation of the CitySCAPE Mobile Security Toolkit, which we developed by integrating the Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK. This tool aims to include in our mobile apps, in a quick, customizable and effective way, fundamental cybersecurity features, following a cybersecurity by default approach.

In addition to the CitySCAPE Mobile Security Toolkit, Gruppo SIGLA presented its SIGLAMoving mobile-based solution. SIGLAMoving is a solution aiming at enabling transport companies to provide in full security (i.e., embedding CitySCAPE Mobile Security Toolkit!) all the info-mobility services to passengers (e.g., timetables, lines, transits in real time, ticketing, notices). SIGLAMoving is a turnkey solution, but at the same time completely customizable and modular. Consequently, it is an adaptable solution to the needs of each municipal transport company or each actor in the passenger mobility sector.

During the various phases of the DroidCon Lisbon, Gruppo SIGLA presented its solutions and answered the questions, providing details and insights. Thanks to this initiative and consequently to the interest in the activities presented, the company came into contact with developers and realities present and from Europe and Brazil. In recent years, the Lusitanian capital is becoming an emerging ecosystem for tech startups, attracting a growing number of investors on a global scale. For this reason, participation in the Portuguese DroidCon has a specific relevance for Gruppo SIGLA and for the CitySCAPE project. Given the success and excellent returns achieved by DroidCon Lisbon , Gruppo SIGLA will also be present at DroidCon Italy which will be held in Turin next autumn.


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