Gruppo SIGLA supports the activities of CyberChallenge.IT

CyberChallenge.IT is an educational path dedicated to young people – between 16 and 24 years old. It is actually the main Italian initiative aiming at identifying, searching and promoting the skills of the next generation of cyber-security experts in Italy. The Squadra Nazionale Italiana Cyberdefender (also known as Cyberdefender National Italian Team) representing Italy in international cybersecurity challenges is selcted by the Laboratorio Nazionale CyberSecurity (also known as Cybersecurity National Laboratory) under request of the Nucleo per la Sicurezza Cibernetica della Repubblica Italiana. This team includes most skilled young people who, year after year, have participated in CyberChallenge.IT, recognized as a project for the enhancement of excellence by the Ministry of Education.

CyberChallenge.IT on 2022 wants to extend Italian students involvement and to encourage them to become cybersecurity experts in the following decade to protect our country and promote its social and economic development.

The first edition of the Challenge dates back to 2016 and Genova University proactively promotes a team for the challenge based in Genova (Italy) from 2017. The team is organized by the ZenHack group and thanks to its proactivity it is possible to involve every year high-schools and university students from several parts of Italy. Professor Ribaudo and Professor Lagorio of University of Genova coordinates all those activities.

On February 2022, Gruppo SIGLA signed an agreement with the University of Genova to provide financial support the activities of the team based in Genova that will participate at CyberChallange.IT in 2022. Thanks to this action, Gruppo SIGLA demonstrated once again its interest for cybersecurity, its will to strenghten its connections with education, research and university, its ambition to play an active role for enabling young people access work environment during (and right after) their education.


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