SIGLAMoving, the Gruppo SIGLA solution for Local Transport Companies

As part of CitySCAPE project’s activities, in August 2022, Gruppo SIGLA experimented its SIGLAMoving solution for Local Transport Companies, dedicated to providing "infomobility" services through mobile applications. The experimentation was performed in collaboration with the city of Tallinn (Estonia). SIGLAMoving was designed and implemented in line with and complementary to tasks and goals of the European CitySCAPE project, funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 program.

SIGLAMoving is a solution based on mobile technologies, offering Local Transport Companies the tools to safely provide all info-mobility services. These latter are those services dedicated to sharing information related to the transport service to customers of transport companies.

The main features that transport companies can make available to passengers through SIGLAMoving concern the use of timetables, line details, real-time transits at the stop, ticketing and general notices. In addition to these services dedicated to passengers, the solution can empower staff of transport companies with functionalities dedicated to the verification and issuance of travel tickets, again via mobile app, easing staff’s work.

SIGLAMoving is a fully customizable turnkey solution, founded and designed on the concepts of modularity and interoperability. This makes it fully adaptable to the needs of each local transport company and it enables fast integration with their digital systems and their graphic requirements. The mobile applications, for passengers and staff of transport companies, are also highly customizable according to the customer's requirements and designed to be multiplatform (iOS and Android). Not least, SIGLAMoving is designed adopting a "security by design" approach. Thus, for transport companies that wish to do so, it is possible to include the module dedicated to mobile security, which includes the "Mobile Security toolkit" implemented within the CitySCAPE project and designed together with Kaspersky with latest generation mobile cybersecurity technologies, designed to guarantee maximum protection for end users.

SIGLAMoving will undergo a second validation phase between the final months of 2022 and the initial months of 2023 in Genoa, simultaneously with the activities of the Italian pilot of the CitySCAPE project.



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