Open Lab Realter

Gruppo SIGLA - a company of the Relatech group - participated in the Open Lab Realter, the laboratory dedicated to the biomedical project Realter, which held on Friday 21 July from 2.30 to 4.30 pm at the Architecture and Design Department (Stradone S. Agostino 37).

The project - on which Gruppo SIGLA worked within a partnership that also involved Ggallery, ETT and FOS Greentech, in collaboration with the University of Genoa (DIBRIS), the IIT and the Chiossone Foundation - led to the development of a wearable device based on technologies derived from those for virtual and augmented reality, with the aim of allowing rehabilitation professionals and caregivers to experience the real world through the visual perspective of people with low vision. The use of a simulation through the use of virtual reality can be invaluable in being able to fully understand the experience of a patient with visual impairment, observing the world through her eyes and thus providing maximum support in his rehabilitation process.

The laboratory had precisely the objective of demonstrating the functioning of this tool with which it will be possible to improve rehabilitation procedures and, consequently, the ability of visually impaired people to orient themselves in space and interact with objects and individuals and in this way to acquire a greater autonomy.

REALTER, progetto cofinanziato dal Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale 2014-2020
Asse 1 Ricerca e Innovazione, Azione 1.2.4 – Poli di Ricerca e Innovazione. Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo per le imprese aggregate ai Poli di Ricerca ed Innovazione – Bando 2020


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