Artificial intelligence, digital world and personal care

Gruppo SIGLA - a company of the Relatech group - will participate in the conference "Artificial intelligence, digital world and personal care. Between technological revolution, clinical practice, bioethical and legal aspects". This event will take place on 23 September 2023 at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, and will enjoy the patronage and official participation of FNOMCeO, Asl1, Liguria Region, Municipality of Sanremo, Province of Imperia and FROMCeO Liguria.

Starting from the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and their application and evolution in the clinical field, the event will address the complex ethical, deontological and legal questions that derive from the use of these technologies in medicine, with particular reference to privacy, safety as well as the risk of a reduction in the human dimension in the doctor-patient relationship.

Gruppo SIGLA will have a moderator role in the session "Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Intelligent Machines". More specifically, Cristiana Degano - R&D Business Unit Manager and member of the CTS of the Ligurian Life Sciences Pole - will share, based on the vast experience accumulated by Gruppo SIGLA and Relatech in numerous research projects in the Life Sciences sector - ideas and considerations on the potential a total integration of AI and Robotics in surgery.


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