Gruppo SIGLA intensifies collaboration with the University

Over the last few years Gruppo SIGLA launched several initiatives with the aim of enriching its relationship with the scientific and academic worlds. Primarily, the company wants to foster technology transfer, opportunities for innovation and synergies between Industry and Research

Considering these very objectives, on 2020 Gruppo SIGLA founded the CyberTooth Laboratory on Cybersecurity with CIPI and during 2021 it carried out several actions as part of it. The company management also approved the funding of a scholarship for the Cybersecurity Master of the University of Genoa, began in September 2021.

Furtherly, a major initiative for the company was the revision of its structure to make possible hosting trainees and undergraduates, again and effectively. Consequently, from April 2021 Gruppo SIGLA re-started hosting undergraduates, both from the Faculties of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, both from Universities of Genoa and Padua, both of the bachelor's and master's degrees. Since then, many colleagues have been involved and successfully followed - and are following - eleven undergraduates to reach their thesis and graduation. The topics covered by the thesis are very different, among these it is worth mentioning at least cyber-security, software engineering, software development.

Moreover, it is necessary to underline again how this activity is very important for Gruppo SIGLA. it allows the company to strengthen the collaboration network with universities, professors and students. Additionally, it enables the exchange of ideas between Gruppo SIGLA and university and the exploration of new aspects in domains where the company is already active or wants to become active.


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