The collaboration of Gruppo SIGLA with Italian universities continues

In continuity with the efforts made the previous year, also during 2022 Gruppo SIGLA - a company of the Relatech Group - continued its collaborations with the Universities of Genoa and Padua. In addition to the seminars held at the University of Padua in spring, part of the CyberTooth joint laboratory on cybersecurity, and at the University of Genoa in summer and winter, as well as support for Cyber-Challenge initiatives, support for research grants and doctorates and participation in Career Days, both promoted by the University of Genoa, an intense activity of support to undergraduates of both universities also continued.

For the entire duration of this year, the colleagues of Gruppo SIGLA have followed 11 theses students from both universities, collaborating with them during their internships and in the preparation of materials for thesis papers. The undergraduates' work focused on various topics of great interest for Gruppo SIGLA's projects and cusotmers. In particular, the thesis works concerned Software Engineering and Security, CyberSecurity both in software and in industrial contexts, Internet of Things and Electric Mobility. All theses made it possible to explore and develop technological elements that are important for the company, themselves becoming an opportunity for colleagues who have supported their work to increase and strengthen their own experiential background. These activities have also made it possible to bring elements of innovation to the commercial offer of Gruppo SIGLA, creating useful building blocks for the construction of new business opportunities.

As happened in 2021, the support work for undergraduates involved both Business Units of Gruppo SIGLA (BU Services and BU Industry) and saw the active participation of many colleagues, each capable of providing an essential contribution to the success of the thesis. In addition to helping undergraduates achieve their coveted personal goal, these activities have also made it possible to establish positive dynamics of technology transfer, build professional interpersonal exchanges between colleagues, undergraduates and professors, strengthen teamwork and enhance skills and competencies of each. Many new thesis proposals have been published or are being published for 2023, the work continues trying to increase the involvement of all Gruppo SIGLA staff.


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